Dollis Primary School Excellence in all we do Shaping attitudes, efforts and ambitions


Our school is a multi-lingual school with many children speaking more than one language. We are committed to promoting diversity through irresistible learning, where learning is at the heart of living.  Our aim is to broaden children’s understanding of the world and develop strong, life-long linguistic skills.


At Dollis, Years 3 - 6 learn Spanish.  We also have a Spanish Language Assistant (a teacher from Spain) who is working alongside our children: this is has been arranged via the British Council.


Children learn new topics and knowledge is reinforced every lesson, which is the key aspect of learning a language. Children are given plenty of opportunity to practise and therefore remember key vocabulary. This is the first step towards becoming independent as a language learner. We believe that becoming confident with a language is a platform for creativity both in and out the classroom. Within the classroom, children are encouraged to take part in role-play entirely in the target language, or to work independently to challenge their writing skills.


Our aim is to inspire our children to visualise a world in which they can live in harmony with other cultures, creating inquisitive, tolerant and understanding minds of the future.