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Please find below the expectations for home learning:-


Pre-school (Beatrix Potter class): The children are to sing a Nursery rhyme or song each week (these can be found on under the activities tab). 


Nursery (Rosen class): Parents should read a book together with their child for 5-10 minutes each day. Parents should also talk about the child's day with them, count everyday objects such as stairs, cars, fingers etc. and sing a nursery rhyme (as pre-school).


Reception (Jeffers and Carle classes): Children should practise name writing each day until they can write it and form the letters correctly. The children should also read for 10 minutes each day. From the beginning of November, the children will do a page in their phonics book each day, look out for numbers in the environment and sing Nursery rhymes and songs (as pre-school)