Dollis Primary School Excellence in all we do Shaping attitudes, efforts and ambitions

Governor Profiles

Governor Profiles


Joshua Kane (Chair of Governors)

Josh is a community leader who is passionate about inspiring creative ambitions. He has been a governor at Dollis since 2017, being a part of the team that led the amalgamation and new vision of Excellence in all we do. Shaping attitudes, efforts and ambitions. He currently serves as Chair of governors, and he also chairs the education committee. Josh works as the Pastor at Mill Hill East Church, and also for Innovista a Christian leadership organisation focused on raising leaders from within communities. He loves spending time with his wife and two young children, especially time reading together and walking their Cockapoo. He also loves roasting coffee, writing music and playing football.


Rosetta Dyer (Headteacher staff governor)

Rosetta is passionate about instilling a love of reading in every child. A teacher for 31 years, her extensive teaching and educational leadership career has been based in London primary schools in Islington, Hackney, Haringey and Westminster. Dollis Primary is her third headship. She has three children and two of them were educated at Barnet secondary schools. Rosetta’s pastimes include: visiting art installations and galleries; going on historical tours; debating with her book club friends; listening to the Archers; dancing and cooking with her family.


Tas Boga

Tas works at Lloyds Bank in their IT department as an Operations lead, which means she is responsible for budget and resource management and all aspects of running an internal business function. Tas has worked in Banking for over 20 years and used to manage a front-line IT Support Team, supporting colleagues across the globe. Tas now lives in West Finchley but has grown up and completed all her education in Barnet. She is a keen gardener when at home, but also enjoys walking, trekking and climbing in more exotic locations. 


Cara Demetriades

One of our Dollis Alumni Cara is a finance and operations professional with a variety of experience.  Skills developed as a director in operations and IT at Barclays capital supporting a career change to school business management when her second son was born. Cara has 15 year’s experience leading support functions and developing strategy in Independent and state schools across both primary and secondary sector. She has also worked as an freelance project management and fund raising consultant developing sports projects across London and the south east in partnership with Sport England, London marathon trust and the football foundation.


Chands Lalli (Parent Governor).


Chands has been a parent governor since 2015.  She joined the governing body as she was curious to learn more about the school her children were attending and was determined to have a positive impact on their education.  Chands is currently chair of the Community Committee and is also a member of the Education Committee. She is proud to have played a very small part in meetings that led to changes at Dollis, such as the opening of the pre-school, amalgamation and new school vision. 

Chands has also helped to lead Friends of Dollis for the past few years and enjoys organising events for the children and families at Dollis.

Chand’s currently has three children attending Dollis and her older son is attending a secondary school in Barnet.  She has recently returned to work after a long break and works for BEAT (Barnet Education Arts Trust), a local children’s music charity, as their Finance Officer.


Andrea Chai (Parent Governor).

Andrea earned her BSc degree in Finance and Operations Management from Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) and a joint program with Haas Business School (University of California Berkeley). Upon graduation, Andrea had the opportunity to work in the investment banking and private equity sector in New York City with clients from various New York based companies to international companies. After several years, Andrea took up another opportunity to do something entirely different with an engineering and data centre commissioning firm in the capital, Washington D.C. Andrea’s  job involved working with different project managers providing forecasting and budgeting across different projects. The Federal Government was our biggest client. After marriage, Andrea resigned from her position and relocated to Osaka, Japan to join her other half. Andrea has also volunteered at a local community centre helping new foreigners which includes newly registered immigrants and international student adapting to the new place. Andrea became a full time mother since the birth of her son.


Ismail Akbas

Ismail has been working in the field of education in a wide range of capacities since 1999, including 10 years as a headteacher from Early Childhood to Secondary School. He also worked in multicultural settings in Germany, Russia, Turkey, Bangladesh, and the UK. Teaching has always had a special place in his life, and he has a genuine passion to enhance the lives of future generations. Ismail`s academic achievements include the NPQSL, two Master's degrees, and four academic articles published in international academic journals in the United States, Russia, India, and Bangladesh. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Education. Ismail works as a Business Manager at North London Grammar School, an independent outstanding grammar school in Hendon, where he is in charge of multiple departments and projects including admissions, marketing, franchising projects, International IGO project Olympiad and staffing. A Barnet resident Ismail enjoys photography, travelling, and being part of a number of charity activities for refugees, women and underprivileged people. He is a proud father of a daughter and a son.