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Our music curriculum focuses on high quality teaching, collaborative learning and a practical approach, which draws out musical creativity from our children. Our music curriculum is expressive and lively and motivates children to develop musical skills and knowledge through singing, learning to play instruments, composing and performing musical ensembles.


We aim to build confidence and self-esteem through performance, using drama, knowledge of musical history and knowledge of cultures worldwide. Children will learn key skills such as patience, working with others, respect and appreciation of others.


Our music programme allows for personalised learning and great opportunities for adapted teaching. It exposes children to a wide range of music genres and songs from all around the world and throughout history. The scheme makes links to other areas of the curriculum such as History, P.E, and PHSE.  There are opportunities for children to express themselves through dance, creating lyrics, exploring popular themes, pop artists and games.


We have a specialist music teacher who delivers the music curriculum. In year 4 our pupils learn to play a musical instrument: they receive 39 weeks of free musical tuition! At the end of the academic year, the classes perform as a class orchestra.