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We follow the new guidance of PSHE/RSE for primary maintained school, which involves learning about relationships, health and wellbeing including living in a wider world.

We believe that an effective PSHE curriculum is essential if our children, as they grow, are able to make responsible and well-informed decisions about their lives. Therefore, the PSHE we deliver reflects the values of our school’s ethos, which is to challenge and support every child to achieve their full potential in an atmosphere of respect.


The PSHE curriculum that we provide is broad but focuses on three core themes:

  • Theme 1: Health and Wellbeing; Healthy Lifestyles, Growing and Changing, Keeping Safe
  • Theme 2: Relationships; Feelings and Emotions, Healthy Relationships, Valuing Difference
  • Theme 3: Living in the Wider World; Rights and Responsibilities, Environment, Money

Relationships Education will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships and how it influences health and wellbeing. These areas of learning are taught within the context of family life; taking care to ensure that there is no stigmatisation of children based on their home circumstances along with reflecting sensitively that some children may have a different structure of family support around them. 

Health & Wellbeing helps children to know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Children will learn about physical, mental and emotional health and how these contribute to their wellbeing. Children will be aware of safety issues in all aspects, including how to respond in an emergency. They will learn how to manage change, including puberty, transition and loss.


Living in the Wider World enables children to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be safe, confident, healthy and happy in the modern world in which they live. We believe that this strand of PSHE, including basic citizenship education, will help children to become healthier, more independent, responsible and worthwhile members of society; including embracing the British Values.

We currently use the excellent Jigsaw PSHE scheme to deliver all elements of the PSHE curriculum.