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Early Years Foundation Stage

In our Early Years Foundation Stage, the children are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in the following seven areas, as outlined in the EYFS statutory framework.  

Personal, social and emotional development

      Personal, social and emotional development 1 Personal, social and emotional development 2 Personal, social and emotional development 3


Communication and language

Communication and language 1 Communication and language 2 Communication and language 3


Physical development

  Physical development 1 Physical development 2 Physical development 3



     Literacy 1        Literacy 2 Literacy 3



Mathematics 1 Mathematics 2 Mathematics 3


Understanding the world

     Understanding the world 1     Understanding the world 2 Understanding the world 3


Expressive arts and design

     Expressive arts and design 1    Expressive arts and design 2 Expressive arts and design 3



Below are the Early Years Documents that set out the goals that children in the early years should be achieving according to their age.


There are two documents:

'Development Matters' - a copy of the curriculum for EYFS.

'What to Expect, When?' which details development 'milestones'


Both documents will also help guide you as to how you can support your child at home.