Dollis Primary School

School Clubs


Breakfast club 

Every morning from 7:30-8:30am

Runs in the Junior dining hall

Speak to the Junior school office for details 

0208 959 4728

Little Sunshine's after-school club

Will pick children straight up from the junior school

Runs in the Infant School

Speak to the Infant office for details

0208 959 3995



Day Club For information
Monday Homework Club (lower school) See office for details
Tuesday Homework club (upper school) Se office for details
  Rock Steady workshops - during day See office or letter below to apply
Wednesday Cricket club Non Stop Action
     Thursday Origami club lunchtimes  
  Football Club after school Mr Porteous
  After School interventions (Year 6) See office for details or Y6 teachers
  Art Club ( lunchtimes) See office for details
    Dance club after school Non Stop Action
        Friday                Dodgeball (upper school) Mr Courtnage

Netball (upper school)

Film club (lower school)

Miss Marsh-Henry / Miss Rogers

Mr Ross