Dollis Primary School

Visions and Values

Vision statement:


We want every child to 'be the best they can be'


At Dollis Primary School, we promote a culture of ‘Learning Through Diversity.’ We believe that education is about transforming the lives of young people so that they become successful adults, helping to deepen their understanding of human values and attitudes and developing their vision, ambition and aspirations. We also believe that it is about preparing pupils so that they gain the confidence and capacity to flourish in the British and global society of today and tomorrow.


We work collectively to ensure that pupils are able to make carefully considered lifestyle choices, develop and maintain friendships (including the responsible use of social media and digital technology) and discover forms of work that are fulfilling, enjoying and enriching their lives through discovery, reading and culture and face the future with calm intelligence and resourcefulness.


We encourage our children to ‘think big’ and always better themselves. We will challenge and support our children to continually grow as learners and individuals. We will ensure they have the skills, behaviours and confidence to adapt, think and create in a fast changing world.        


Through our school values of Respect, Honesty and Kindness, we have created an environment that allows all learners to flourish because mutual respect is encouraged alongside a strong desire to learn. The process begins with enabling every learner to recognise and realise his or her potential and capacity to achieve, and encouraging every learner to aspire and ‘aim high’.                                                                                                                       

Our children will be happy, engaged and positive about their futures. We believe all children have the right to achieve great things regardless of social barriers or background. The staff, working alongside the pupils, are actively engaged in learning as they continually improve and develop their expertise and professionalism. A climate of high expectation is actively promoted to ensure our pupils reach their potential. We regularly review the work of the school so that our pupils want to take advantage of the best possible opportunities we create for them.


Aims and Values - How we will achieve our vision:


  • A safe and happy environment to provide the opportunity for each child to reach their full potential and recognise high aspirations.
  • An ethos of nurturing and caring based on our values approach, appreciating different qualities and recognising each child as an individual.
  • Exciting learning opportunities that will develop knowledge and skills, both academic and social, to prepare children for the future.
  • A growth mind-set approach based upon our learning behaviours, where every pupil embraces the learning journey and the power of ‘yet’, eg, I can’t do that yet.
  • A secure yet challenging atmosphere where children feel confident and self-motivated to take risks and so become active and independent learners.
  • A consistently high standard of teaching and support to bring about an inspiring, imaginative and innovative curriculum.